Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse


Prescription drug abuse kills seven people every day in the state of Florida.


Prescription drug abuse is a national epidemic destroying lives and futures. Adult addicts are losing their jobs, their families, their health and their will to live. Youth who experiment by mixing drugs with alcohol are risking permanent damage or death.


The Partnership for Drug Free America reports at least 50% of teens surveyed said prescription pain relievers are easy to obtain from their parent's medicine cabinets.


More than half the teens surveyed agreed it is easier to get prescription drugs than to purchase illegal drugs.


In Martin County, 13% of Middle and High School students responding in the 2010 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey said they had tried using prescription pain relievers or amphetamines.

What can you do to prevent prescription drug abuse in your household?


Dispose of expired or unwanted medications through your local pharmacy, advertised "Operation Medicine Cabinet" drug take backs or the Martin County Sheriff's Office prescription medication drop-off box.


Monitor your medicine cabinets. Know how many pills are in your prescription bottles and when you should need a refill. Do not leave medications in areas that are easily accessed by visitors or other family members.


Talk with your child about drug use. Explain the proper use of medications and the dangers they can pose to those who take them without a doctor's review of their health and medical history. Be sure your child is aware that even small amounts of prescription drugs can be fatal when used in combination with alcohol.


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