Everyone is a Community Role Model!


You may be a parent, a teacher, or a coach. You may be a neighbor, a store clerk, or a doctor. Or, you may simply be a bystander.


Everything that we say or do has consequences, particularly in the eyes of children. Adults are constantly role-modeling behavior. Children look to us to see what is acceptable in our community. They are evaluating everything they see and hear... the good and the bad... to determine how they will act as teenagers and adults.


Whether we choose to remain calm or yell at a someone who cuts us off while driving the school carpool, kids take note.


Whether or not we choose to consume alcohol during sporting events, kids take note.


Whether we choose to be polite or rude to store clerks, kids take note.


Whether we choose to show good sportsmanship or become hostile towards referees during youth sporting events, kids take note.


Whether we choose to walk away or smoke in a public place around children, kids take note.


Why, then, are we so surprised when the behavior of children and teens reflect our own actions?


Should we be surprised when kids experiment with tobacco, alcohol, or worse, if that is the acceptable standard in our community? Did we show them by our own actions that this is somehow okay?


We can all be better influences on the children and teenagers in our community!


To promote these positive influences, The Martin County Shared Services Network has created the "Be the Influence" campaign.


The campaign is based on one simple concept: we should all Stop for a moment, Think about our surroundings, and then Go with the appropriate activities.

"Be the Influence" relies on resources already available in Martin County to promote one very simple idea: every member of the community can have a positive or negative impact on our youth, making each of us responsible for our choices and our influence on children and teenagers.


So, explore this web site to learn how you can be a better influence in Martin County!


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  • Health and Human Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education and Prevention
  • Mental Health Services
These resources will allow each of
us to be the influence... in our homes...
in our neighborhoods... in our schools...
in our parks... and in our local businesses.